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Brad Bower | Studio Director

Frostburn Studios keeps Heroes of Newerth alive

At Frostburn Studios they really are playing games for research. Most of the time. 

Naming beers

How craft brewers get creative when it comes to naming beer

Seven (or maybe eight) ways to name your craft brew so patrons will remember your brand.

Mrs. Buckley (left) demonstrating videos

Kindergarten teacher takes to YouTube to promote reading

For parents who can't come to school for advice on how to help their youngster learn to read, now there's Mrs. Buckley's videos on YouTube. 

Mike Nowakowski and Erik Miller

An Irish tradition builds a following in Kalamazoo

There's more to the Irish than Guiness, shamrocks, and a good Gaelic tune. There's also the competitive side that created what is believed to be the world's oldest field game, hurling. Now it's being played in Kalamazoo.

1000 mile walk

1,000 miles, one step at a time

Loreen Niewenhuis says there's something addictive about her 1,000 mile walking adventures. She just finished her third.

Anita Hill and Charles Ogletree

What would Anita Hill do?

Sometimes when you raise your voice, you have to speak out of turn. Anita Hill says she would speak out again.

Early head start

Community Action Agency: Putting the early in early childhood education

For some children regular Head Start is not enough. For them, Community Action Agency offers Early Head Start. 

InspirED Feature

Is starting college during high school Michigan's ticket to success?

Imagine a future where every Michigan student not only went to college, but started that collegiate career before they even left high school. For some students, it's already happening, and it could have big implications for education in our state.

Nicolette Hahn Niman

How does a vegetarian defend beef?

Here's how Nicolette Hahn Niman shoots down the arguments against eating beef.

Urban Democracy Feast

Urban Feast will fund social justice programs democratically

Good ideas have a way of spreading. The idea of sharing a meal and supporting your neighbor's project to help promote social justice in the community has reached Kalamazoo. 

Burmese Grocery

Battle Creek's Burmese now find the tastes of home in their own backyard

There are more than 132,200 Burmese in the U.S. and about 1,800 of those live in Battle Creek. Today they are finding new ways to fit into the community, including introducing the tastes they love.

Steve Jones

Mr. President: A cocktail lounge for the over-30 crowd

After being closed for 14 years Mr. President Restaurant and Lounge is back in business.

James Hettinger, interim Chief Executive Officer

4 C's of making Battle Creek more attractive to young entrepreneurs

As Battle Creek's economy becomes new again, what will it become?
423 Articles | Page: | Show All
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