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Family Coach

Building relationships from the ground up

Israel Flores partners with parents to help them raise children who are safe, healthy, and ready to succeed in school and in life.

Getting ready to open

Singh Cruisin Cuisine: A taste of India (and other spots) on wheels

Singh Cruisin Cuisine takes the taste of India to the customers. There's some American and Greek fare, too. Just for variety.

Ground Breaking Ceremony

Nature-based charter school to debut in Kalamazoo in 2016

Outdoor learning, integrated free play, project-based learning, an environmental science focus with on-site opportunities for outdoor labs: They are all part of what is planned for a new education opportunity for the area, Great Lakes Explorations Academy.

Pop-up bike lanes

Bicyclists give the pop up bike lane a trial

Bike riders try out a lane just for them and offer their opinions regarding the experience.

Larry Bell Owner of Bell's Brewery and Eccentric Cafe.

Michigan-born businesses don't have to wander far from home to find more success

When it comes to expansion and finding continued success, multiple popular Michigan-born businesses decided to keep their operations close to home by expanding right here in the state. 


Rafters ready to take to the river in race for the fun of it

Unconventional watercraft will get people back on the water and probably douse them in water at the same time.

beer businesses

Craft beer industry spawns lots of little (and growing) businesses

Little businesses that support or rely on the craft brew industry are bubbling up all over.  

Peter Bowers, president WACO Aircraft Corp

Taking to the skies in style

This is the second of two stories on businesses based on historical planes in Southwest Michigan.

inside the colony farm orchard

Inside Colony Farm Orchard: Or Natural Development

In pictures and words, artist Simon Borst explores the history and future of the expansion of the WMU Business, Technology, and Research Park at Colony Farm Orchards through interviews and personal accounts. 

Barn Storming

The return of the Barnstormers

There's none of today's airport hassle when flying yesterday's biplanes, now taking flight from the Air Zoo. 

Kama Mitchell

Tackling racial disparities in infant mortality that reaveal a 'sickness in Kalamazoo'

Statistically speaking, in Kalamazoo, just being born black leaves a baby four times as likely to die in the first year of life.

Robin Pierucci, MD examines baby

Beyond Detox: Helping drug-exposed babies beat the odds

The Kalamazoo community is coordinating better care for drug-exposed newborns, thanks to the Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Prevention & Treatment Project. The group aims to help these vulnerable kids succeed as future learners, too.

The Food Aisle at the Festival Site

How the festivals that changed downtown Kalamazoo are changing

Summer festivals spurred lots of changes in downtown Kalamazoo. Now those festivals are going through some big changes themselves. 

Brad Bower | Studio Director

Frostburn Studios keeps Heroes of Newerth alive

At Frostburn Studios they really are playing games for research. Most of the time. 
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