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Planned Parenthood

The Planned Parenthood Attacks: When stigma and shame define women's healthcare

As legislators in the nation's capital scrap over the $500 million in federal funds that represents 40 percent of the monies that keep Planned Parenthood in business, local women talk about their gratitude for the variety of services they receive there. 

Chinook Salmon

Invasive or just non-native? Why Michigan loves Pacific salmon and fears sea lamprey

Michiganders are rightly on alert for invasive species. But not all non-native species are invasive. Here, we explore the benefits of some of Michigan's non-native species and how we distinguish if a newcomer to the ecosystem should be loved or feared.

Ash Borer

Can wasps save the ash tree? Native Americans are giving it a try

The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi are fighting emerald ash borers the natural way and hope to preserve a part of their heritage in the process.

Scott Robbins stands among Michigan maples.

The surprising second life of a Michigan tree

In Michigan, we appreciate our trees for their beauty, and the shade and recreation they provide. But that's just part of their value. Here, we follow the surprising second life of a Michigan tree, from the day it's cut to its transformation into a wood product, and discover the big impact it has along the way.


Remembering 30 years of growing Bell's to the brewery it is today

Bell's is planning a 30th-anniversary party to top all parties. With at least 90 different brewers invited, beer lovers will have a chance to taste brews that may have never before come their way. Before the kegs are tapped, we have a look back at Bell's early days and a look at what lies ahead.

Paw Paw Brewing Co.

Paw Paw redevelopment brings together craft beer, trails, recreation area

The Village of Paw Paw bought some neglected land where businesses had moved out. With some work, trails and a recreation area could propel new business there. It's already attracted an expanded Paw Paw Brewing Co.

Open Roads

Big changes at Open Roads and some big shoes to fill

Open Roads' new home of its own keeps the program moving forward, opens new options.

Todd Espeland

At The Civic: 'We're creating something bigger than ourselves'

The Civic's new artistic director is thrilled with the possibilities ahead.

Riverview Launch

Community rallies around Riverview Launch project

At Riverview Launch, a once blighted piece of property is becoming a hub for bicyclists, boaters, and more. A celebration is planned.

The Stryker property

Donation of 22 acres of land goes to Kalamazoo Nature Center

In the city there will be a place that people can walk and bike to and be reminded of the importance of nature.

A K4J protest

Kalamazoo 4 Justice: Envisioning a community where the promise of equality is guaranteed

Kalamazoo 4 Justice acts in solidarity with the national Black Lives Matter movement. Here's what they're working toward.

Mt. Biking (Arcadia Bluffs)

Vacationing in the trees: How forests are helping to grow Michigan's tourism economy

Sandy beaches and boating may be the quintessential tourist attractions in Michigan, but forests are driving a growing segment of the state's tourism economy. Here's why healthy trees matter for growing jobs and local economies in Michigan. 

Mounted Police and their horses

Public sees the human side of police in the Mounted Division

What weighs between 1,200 and 1,500 pounds, is afraid of anything that's new to it, and yet has a great temperament for policing large groups of people? Correspondent Marin Heinritz has the answer.

Power List

Powering the Mitten: How does electricity get to your smartphone?

You plug in your smartphone and voila -- it's charged up and ready to whisk you off to cyberspace. But how exactly do those electrons get into your phone? Read on to find out.
478 Articles | Page: | Show All
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