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Fido Motors

Fido creator strives for lots of fun on two wheels

An old buggy chassis factory in Kalamazoo's Edison neighborhood is the new home for a practical means of gas-free transportation: an electric scooter. 

Chris Hancox, Public safety

Guess which neighborhood is the safest in Kalamazoo?

A bustling downtown attracts more visitors and residents. That means more eyes on the street, but also more opportunities for law-breaking. Yet Kalamazoo has seen a 30 percent drop in downtown crime, and safety advocates say “Come on down!”


Higher ed wakes up and smells the beer, but new brewing program is no joke

Ever since WMU and KVCC announced the nation's first sustainable brewing program people have been joking that they wish they could have gotten college credit for their beer studies. Jeremy Martin finds there's much more to the new program than the jokesters imagine.

One Well

Craft brewers find collaborations keep competition friendly

When craft brewers put collaboration above competition everyone wins -- especially craft brew drinkers. 

Daniel Floyd with his invention

WMU sophomore patents device that turns cork into a way to improve diction

A passion at a young age for learning how businesses work and difficulty speaking clearly come together to create a startup opportunity for one WMU sophomore. 

Belinda Tate

Belinda Tate finds new ways to get people to visit the KIA

Belinda Tate is listening to find out what the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts can do for the community. She already has a few ideas. 

Driver Harry Gamble, Reverand Ivan Lee and Sheri Harris, Jonah President

B C Rides helps people get to work

When people work together to get things done solutions to obstacles can be overcome. BC Rides is one of those solutions. It's helping workers get to their jobs. 

power lines list

How 'smart' is Michigan's electrical grid?

You may have a smart meter on your house, but what's so "smart" about it? We explore Michigan's foray into the "smart grid" and how it affects you.

Tinashe Chaponda at Habitat for Humanity

Putting the focus on Kalamazoo volunteers

Helping others should be fun, says Tinashe Chaponda. He started FOCUS Kalamazoo to prove it could be done.  

Jessica French, Bert Ebrite, co-owners

Guitars and pianos take over north end of Kalamazoo Mall

Entrepreneurs with a musical flair are doing business downtown and finding guitars and pianos fit in just fine in their urban setting. 


Powering the Mitten: What mix of fuel will power Michigan's future?

Electricity in Michigan comes mostly from coal and nuclear power, but that's set to change in the next decade. DTE Energy's Nick Khouri talks about how the utility is planning for the change.

Arts collective

Creating an arts hub with the help of their friends

When Kalamazoo's DIT concert supporters and the DIY crafters get together the result is a plan for the Kalamazoo Collective Arts Center. 

Family center of the arts

Families who play together, stay together at Family Center of Arts

At the Family Center for the Arts in Portage everyone in the family has a role to play.

Dean McCurdy

Hungry to hire: KVCC seeks two visionaries to 'make their mark' in healthy food systems

KVCC's culinary curriculum will be grounded in the powerful intersection of food, sustainability, and health.
402 Articles | Page: | Show All
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