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Amy Cortese

Investing locally: An idea whose time may have come again

Once there were local stock exhanges that invested in the community and were instrumental in the creation of jobs. Is this an idea whose time has come again? George Martin reviews the book "Locavesting" and opens the discussion on the possibilities.

Natures Way Thumbnail

Playing in the dirt at the Kalamazoo Nature Center's preschool

There is a preschool where children are encouraged to get down in the mud and dirty, jump into puddles, and splash around in the rain barrel that collects rain water from the school’s roof. Zinta Aistars has the story on Nature's Way Preschool.

Harness Thumbnail

Harnessing the Future

When it comes to farming sometimes old is new again. At least it is for Gina Wertz. She tells Donna McClurkan about her reasons for learning one of the oldest ways for tilling the earth. 

CoOp Living thumbnail

Collective housing is about more than sharing the rent

For those who want to make decisions about the home they rent, collective housing makes sense. As Kalamazoo Housing Collective continues to change and grow it offers more such opportunities. Jane Parikh has the story. 

Tabitha Farm Urban Homestead and Community Garden

Tabitha Farm Urban Homestead and Community Garden grows community ties

Urban agriculture is part of a larger, growing movement with the potential to influence the food-related choices of rich and poor across North America. And gardens are being planted in cities across the region. Zinta Aistars has the story on Katie Pearson's work in Kalamazoo.

Wayne Deering, Recycling Enthusiast

Deerings get help to lighten the load of festival refuse that's landfill bound

Festival season is here. Find out how Wayne Deering and his daughter Emily are working to keep more festival trash out of the landfill. Zinta Aistars reports on their efforts.

Simon Borst Thumbnail

Through Our City: A comic about the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail

Because there is more than one way to tell a story Southwest Michigan's Second Wave asked artist Simon Borst to create a graphic way of telling of the tale of the Kalamazoo Valley River Trail. He presents a story of gaps in the trail and what they mean for trail users. 

Naturalist Thumbnail

Rambling Naturalists teach the secrets of nature and a good life

Whether in character or as themselves, Wil and Sarah Reding have a lot of wisdom to share about the natural world around us. Zinta Aistars talked to them about their business Rent A Rambling Naturalist that's more than telling a good yarn.

Chris Broadbent, manager of te Kalamazoo Farmers Market

Kalamazoo Farmers Market: 'A Masterpiece in the Making'

This year for the first time the People's Food Co-op will manage Kalamazoo Farmers Market on Bank Street. Market Manager Chris Broadbent talks with Donna McClurkan about what's ahead for the market formerly run by the City of Kalamazoo that is known to be the place to be on a Saturday morning to meet friends and find a fresh bunch of radishes.

Urban Farming Thumbnail

Much more than vegetables grow at Sprout Urban Farms

A community gathering to talk about ways to improve life where they live led to organizing a farm in the city. Zinta Aistars has the story of Sprout Urban Farm.
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Gone to the Dogs

The first time Mary Vowell's dogs saw a mush team go by they quivered in excitement. She knew they were born to run. Vowell went on to teach them to mush and now takes them out running in the woods all year round.
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