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Small Business

Downtown Kalamazoo Inc. Steve Deisler

Creative efforts will keep 'The D's' at work in downtown Kalamazoo

Staff is being cut, budgets are being scrutinized, and organizational streamlining is under way for the entities that have led downtown Kalamazoo for many years. DKI's Steve Deisler talks about what's ahead as "The D's" grapple with plummeting revenues and the imperative for support for a vibrant downtown. 

Juciy Leaf

Startup Spotlight: Juicy Leaf brings healthy drinks to market

If you're not familiar with cold-pressed juice, the trio behind Juicy Leaf is setting out to change that. Find them at a Farmers Market or special event near you. Kathy Jennings reports.

Danny Ellis

How will drones change the way business is done?

Two Southwest Michigan men are integral to a team in Ann Arbor building one of the next big deals in the world of technology. With code they created themselves and years of work, SkySpecs is engineering the future. Kathy Jennings talks with Danny Ellis about the company's work with  unmanned aerial vehicles.

Uncaged Thumbnail

Kzoo Uncaged tells the stories of the people who make Kalamazoo better

It's a rare occasion when two people in one week tell you: "You have to do a story on these people." That's what happened with Kzoo Uncaged. Turns out this trio of co-workers at Maestro are blogging for the love of Kalamazoo. Kathy Jennings has the story. 

Sarah Lee, director of marketing for Greenleaf Hospitality Group

TEDxKalamazoo offers up ideas to act on

If you care about ideas you know about TED talks. TEDx events are indepently organized and often reflect the flavor of the community. If you missed the recent event in downtown Kalamazoo here are some of the ideas that organizers hope will inspire you to action.

Saugatuck Brewery

At Saugatuck Brewing Company beer lovers can be the brewer

If you're someone looking for a new DIY project, Saugatuck Brewing Company may be just the place you need to visit. Jeremy Martin talks with the brewers to find out why they let novices near their brewing kettles.

CoWorking thumbnail

Coworking spaces gain foothold in Southwest Michigan

Coworking is catching on. Kelle Barr has the story of a couple of spots in Southwest where doing business just got easier by sharing work space with others.

Starting Gate 2013

WMU's business accelerator, Starting Gate, open for student entrepreneurs

The first group of students entreprenuers to work in WMU's venture accelerator, the Starting Gate, recently showed off what they were all about. Kathy Jennings tells what happend.

Lat 42 thumbnail

Latitude 42 hops forward with Portage's first microbrewery

It's all about embracing your local beer, says the executive chef of the first microbrew in Portage. Zinta Aistars talks with the team behind Latitude 42.

Niles Incubator Thumbnail

Food entrepreneurs find a business home in Niles

In Niles, culinary entreprenuers have a a licensed, beautifully equipped commercial kitchen that can help them launch their business. Kelle Barr has the story on how they can get to work.
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