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Research and Innovation

Dr. John Sorenson, CEO of Vestaron

Spider research helps Vestaron build a better pesticide

The key to killing pests can be found inside spider venom and at Vestron they are tapping that mechanism to create what they believe will be a pesticide that does not do the damage created by today's peticides. Kim North Shine talks to Dr. John Sorenson.

Danny Ellis

How will drones change the way business is done?

Two Southwest Michigan men are integral to a team in Ann Arbor building one of the next big deals in the world of technology. With code they created themselves and years of work, SkySpecs is engineering the future. Kathy Jennings talks with Danny Ellis about the company's work with  unmanned aerial vehicles.

Trainers Thumbnail

Fitness business fights memory loss with movement

Moving your body has many benefits and now studies show it can even help your brain. Genesis Fitness and Wellness helps those of all ages get the training they need to keep in motion. Jane Parikh talks to Elisa Dely and Rob Kennedy about the business they started this year.

Innovation Center Thumbnail

Innovation Center invites the world to online expo

Scientists are busy people, many of whom don't have time to travel. So the Southwest Michigan Innovation Center decided to reach them where they can be found, behind their computers. Kathy Jennings reports on the virtual tour of the life science incubator. 

Sydnee Peters is a visual artist and a teacher at the Gwen Frostic Center at Western Michigan University

Creativity Scouting: What it means and why it matters

What if we looked for people's strenghs instead of trying to fix their problems? What if we looked for the creative among us and encouraged them to be their most innovative? George Martin asks these questions and more in his look at the link between creativity scouting and strong communities.

Food Protection Thumbnail

Venture capitalists invited to learn about technology to keep food safe

The Global Food Protection Institute brings its message on improving the Safety of the World's Food Supply to Kalamazoo-- and to area venture capitalists. Kelle Barr reports on the meeting between those making food safer and those investing in it.

Innovation Center Thumbnail

Little life science businesses can rent a bench at SMIC

Because you never know when the next big thing will grow from someone's little idea there is a new wet lab at the Southwest Michigan Innovation Center. Kathy Jennings visited the new core lab and has this report.

Forensic Fluids Thumbnail

Forensic Fluids Laboratories poised for continued expansion

When it comes to drug testing Bridget Lorenz Lemberg believes oral fluids is the future. But who needs to wait for the future?  Kalamazoo-based Forensic Fluids Laboratories is ready to do those tests today. Kathy Jennings reports.


Business evolution: From incubation to visibility

So what happens to startups and other small enterprises after they're fully baked in an entrepreneurial incubator? That's what we set out to find in this special report from three Michigan cities - Detroit, Lansing and Kalamazoo. 

Paul Lange, MD

Talking beds help caregivers talk the talk and walk the walk

Imagine a bed that talks and soothes with music and other restful sounds. Well, they did at Stryker and now 30 of the talking beds are in use at Borgess Medical Center. Amie Heasley has the story.
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Solar Vid Thumbnail

The Solar Project

The largest solar array in Michigan sits in a field in Charleston Township, the result of a DIY project by a father and son and business partner team, whose company, Kalamazoo Solar LLC, sells the power back to Consumers Energy. But their ultimate goal is to manufacture complete solar arrays in Michigan--at a price individual consumers can afford.
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