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Michigan kids

1000 Books Program at Kalamazoo Library.

Story about 1,000 books has a happy ending

If you were writing the book of a child's life wouldn't you like it to have a happy ending? Every day more children are signing up for a Kalamazoo Public Library program intended to give them a life that includes loving the reading of books. 


Making Piano Accessible for All Kids

Piano Labs gives some of Kalamazoo’s most vulnerable kids and young adults a chance to make music and become pianists. 

Family Health Center of Battle Creek

Special Report: Child Health & Wellness

The 2013 national Kids Count data book reports Michigan ranking 31 out of 50 in child well-being. With this shaky foundation, Michigan has some serious work to do in improving child health and wellness outcomes. 

Some of the 20 people involved in The Franklin Project

Neighbors turn eyesore into place children can play

Zinta Aistars has the story of how a blighted city lot became a place where children can play soccer, creating a place for them to stay busy rather than get into trouble. It's called the Franklin Project and it's about workers in the surrounding neighborhood who decided to make a difference.  

Kinetic Effect Office thumbnail

Pilot program offers a second chance for young people

Can young people who are poised to get adult criminal records turn their lives around? A group of dedicated people in Kalamazoo (including the Kinetic Affect duo) led by Judge Anne Blatchford is trying to help them turn that corner. Zinta Aistars has the story on how it works.

Verona Thumbnail

Reading above grade level becomes more common at Verona Elementary

What happens when a school turns a laser like focus on reading? Parents at Verona Elementary say their children are reading all the time, even when they don't have to. Jane Parikh has the story on how one school is turning things around before the all-critical third grade. 

Open Road Thumbnail

Open Roads opens doors for Kalamazoo's young people

Once you've learned how to fix a bike what else can you fix? For young people in Kalamazoo Open Roads teaches the skills to find out. Ethan Alexander talks with Zinta Aistars about the program that capitalizes on his love for bikes.

Confections thumbnail

Keeping kids out of trouble by making truffles

Dale Anderson wanted to help kids by teaching them building trades skills. He ended up teaching them how to make truffles. Zinta Aistars has the story on how he made that leap with them at Confections with Convictions.

KneeHigh thumbnail

Knee-High Naturalists introduces world of wonder

Petting reptiles and learning about amphibians too--it’s all in a day for Knee-High Naturalists. Margaret DeRitter reports on the program that draws kids from across the region to Binder Park Zoo for an up-close visit with nature.

Kids in Tune Thumbnail

Music changes young lives, one note at a time, with Kids in Tune

Kids in Tune is about more than teaching youngsters music. It's about support, nurturing, joy and acquiring life skills through the learning of music skills reports Zinta Aistars.
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