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Silvana Quadros Russell, Brazilian Oven

Sharing traditions from Brazilian gardens to Kalamazoo Tables

A two-year-old company using 400-year-old recipes has found its niche among food lovers.  Silvana Quadros Russell, founder of Brazilian Oven tells Zinta Aistars the story of the cheese buns of her native Brazil that Americans are coming to love.

Cathy Halinski, left, and Dulcee Boehm

Cheese brings smiles for Evergreen Lane Farm & Creamery

In the past decade goat cheese has been one of the fastest growing cheeses in the specialty food product market. Michigan has more 1,000 reported milk goat operations. Zinta Aistars talks with the cheese makers at Evergreen Lane Farm & Creamery, where milk from goats (and cows) comes about through a cooperative effort.

Stacy Burdette, Founder of Hacker Gals

Women get a place of their own to hack away

Creativity has a new home in Kalamazoo. It's the makerspace hosted by Hacker Gals. Founder Stacy Burdette talks with Jane Parikh about what they're up to.

Dr. John Sorenson, CEO of Vestaron

Spider research helps Vestaron build a better pesticide

The key to killing pests can be found inside spider venom and at Vestron they are tapping that mechanism to create what they believe will be a pesticide that does not do the damage created by today's peticides. Kim North Shine talks to Dr. John Sorenson.

Progress on early stage irrigation tubing installation.

Of Kale and Capital: How greens grow year round

The air is cold and the snow is deep, but inside the hoop houses at Green Garden Community Farm the greens are growing. Donna McClurkan talks to Trent and Ruthie Thompson about their year round operation and the slow money that made it possible. 

Blanca Cardoza Owner of Fiesta by Blanca

Fiesta by Blanca a local salsa that's in demand

Salsa has overtaken ketchup as the No. 1 condiment in the land. And Blanca Cardoza is finding the marketplace for her salsa, Fiesta by Blanca, is wide open. Zinta Aistars talks with the budding entrepreneur about the appeal of the spicy condiment that updates family recipes to reflect today's tastes.

Lindsey Pompileo, Owner of Cupcake Zoo

How sweet it is at The Cupcake Zoo

Lindsey Pompileo caught the cupcake food trend right in time. Now her business, The Cupcake Zoo, is rising like heated batter in the oven. Zinta Aistars reports on how it all came to be.

Jeremiah Smith

An entrepreneur with more than a good idea

From a blighted property at the center of Hartford, Jeremiah Smith is building businesses based on others' need to clean.

Jacy King, Brandon Stacy, Brian Gross

Portage writer helps keep Star Trek universe alive

Star Trek: Phase II comes to the big screen at Alamo Draft House. Chris Killian talks with Rick Chambers about the path to seeing his script in the movie house.

Kevin Romeo of Rhino Media

Rhino Media: Crashing about till you make it

What does it take to grow a company like Rhino Media? Its customers like the combination of professionalism and fun. At Startup Grind, Kevin Romeo talks about the importance of delivering what you promised. 
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Bakery Thumbnail

Local food offerings rise with opening of new bakery

Traditional Irish scones and cakes are just two of the goods that are attracting customers downtown to the new location of the Victorian Bakery, its first retail setting.
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